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As you browse around our site, you will notice that when you look at our earrings, you have the option to choose an add-on to your new Uncommon Adornments.

If you would like to add a fun pop of interest to your earrings, you can choose to exchange the regular ear wires with "Threaders". This will give your earrings a completely different and cool look!

The Threaders are available in Sterling Silver, in either 3" or 5".

Here are a few examples of how the Threaders look:

Our sweet model (above) is wearing two different lengths of the Threaders, so that you can compare them. Our "Feather" is attached to a 5" Threader and our "Dew Drop" (with Peridot stone) is attached to the 3" Threader. How fun is this??!

When it comes to the Threaders, you have a lot of fun options on how to wear them!
If you have one piercing, you can simply adjust how far down you would like to wear the design.
If you have multiple piercings, you can thread them through several holes.
Our model has two piercings and the 5" Threader adds a fun and interesting look.
It almost gives you the illusion of wearing several earrings at once! Pretty cool!?!

- what are YOU going to create today??!