Uncommon Adornments has been handcrafting Celtic and Mythical jewelry, and traveling the United States doing Renaissance Faires for a living, full time - since 1992.


Our employees, our customers, our faires!

Siw - Owner, Designer, Jewelry Creation, Viking, Free Spirit, Emoticon Maven.

Arty & Brande - Faire Managers, Jewelry Assembly, Stone Rolling, Sass.

Brande has been a full time Renaissance Faire Manager and District Manager since 1998. Arty, joined her on the road in 2013, and enjoys putting his expert sarcasm to use where people can properly enjoy it, at Renaissance Faires.

Lori, Richard, Sue, and Emily, the Uncommon Adornments team at Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival.

Sue has been with the company since 2000. She not only has managed faires across the country full time since 2000, but she also is our long time webmaster, and is Brande's Mom! (You can call her Mom, too, it's ok, we all do)

Cheryl and Brande, cutting up at the Arizona Renaissance Festival. Cheryl and her husband, Dwight, have traveled the country, managing faires for us since 1998.

Jen and Kat, representing our booth at the Colorado Renaissance Festival.
Jen has worked with us for well over a decade, Managing multiple faires through the US.

Sean, sweetie pie, and Manager of Georgia and Texas Renaissance Festivals,
who has been a part of the Uncom fam since 2013.

Mollie and Lily, our beautifully adorned Managers of the
Dayton Celtic Faire, and the Ohio Renaissance Festivals, respectively.

Codi, Managing our booth at the King Richard's Faire, near Boston.

Our team at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival - with a couple of members of the always hilarious, Tortuga Twins.

Kim and Megean, Managing TN and St Louis.

Mica and Jessica, Managers of our booth at the Michigan Renaissance Festival.

Erin and Elaine, best friends and cuties, at the Bristol Renaissance Faire.

Sam, Sara, and Nicole, adorable members of the team for Uncommon Adornments and our sister shoppe,
The Silver Shamrock, at the Southern California Renaissance Pleasure Faire.

Sam and Emily, the fair maidens - and a part of our team at the Southern California Renaissance Pleasure Faire.

Jessica and Sean, representing our team at the Texas Renaissance Festival.

Megean and Emily, goofing off at the Bristol Renaissance Faire.

Lauren and Erin, being silly, per usual - at the Bristol Renaissance Faire.

What's sure to be the next generation of the Bristol Renaissance Faire: Arty, holding
Erin's baby, Esme. For the first year, in 10 - Erin couldn't work at the faire that season,
because this little bundle arrived opening day!